A new man appears, a stranger that the experienced authors have never met before. They look at him, wondering what he might bring to the table.

“Hello, my name is James Diary. I’m a new amateur writer.”

James was an odd-looking fellow,  shrouded in a robe with the hood up, covering his face in darkness. The other authors could not tell if he was a joke or what his game was. One author came up to him, striking up a conversation.

“Welcome, James. Please, have a seat.” He gestures to a chair at a small table. The table was worn, possibly from where so many new writers first sat as the experienced chatted with them.

“Tell us, James, why are you wanting to write books?” The author looks at James, hoping to instill authority over him.

“I have always had the gift of creating stories from simple ideas, One day I had the idea to begin writing short stories so that other can read and hopefully enjoy. Then perhaps one day, my audience would like to read something longer than a short stories and I can branch out, making something more in-depth.”

James shifted in his seat, an unbalanced and uncomfortable chair likely given to new authors to show them their place.

“And what genres do you write?”

“I will write anything, from fantasy to science fiction and everything between and beyond.”

“I see, you are an interesting fellow. I hope you will do well. Remember, anyone can write, but it is the writers who never give up that are remembered for eternity.”

The author smiles at James, and takes his leave. James stays a while in the chair, looking around at all the experienced writers he is faced with. He breathes in a deep breath and slowly exhales, then mutters under his breath.

“Here we go.”

So, thus begins James’ journey into the wild unknown of the ever-changing world where he shall adventure to undiscovered temples, reach for the depths of space, or maybe find love where he least expects it. All things are possible when imagined, written to a page.


Short stories to fill the time