• Small Bits at a Time 21 June 2017, 0225

    Hello, this will be the first official announcement I suppose.

    Just wanted to let anyone who reads this page know that I will have a new short story coming out this week. As I mention on the home page, I will try and add a new short story once every two weeks, or I will do more, but most likely it will only ever be one a week as most.

    As for the site design, I will probably change it to help accommodate the short stories better. I noticed that the first one was a bit narrow, not giving it room to breath on the sides, so that will need to change. That will probably come in three to four weeks, to give me time to mess around with settings and what not.

    That is all for now. I will probably only use announcements for anything big that will change, like site layout or unexpected delays or advancements.

    Read ya later,