• Upcoming Story 26 February 2018, 0211

    Edit 3/9/18:

    Sorry it is taking longer than expected. I got stuck with work and other projects. I am also jammed on a piece of the story that I am trying to express in a particular way, but I have not come up with the right words. Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow for y’all.

    Greetings all!

    It has been a while since I last posted a story. Sorry for not having consistent postings. I have been busy with work and education. I was hoping to have had more time at the start of the year, but it was not to be.

    I still need to get the last part written and out for This Life of Ours, which I promise will happen soon, but for now I have an upcoming story that I was inspired to write. I will be posting it sometime this week.

    The next story is going to be called The Breaking of Hearts, which was inspired by both The Cranberries’, Bad Wolves’ cover ofZombie. Sounds like a strange inspiration source, but I hope you all will enjoy it nonetheless. It will be a fictional, unspecified time period war story, following a man who has returned home, not as a veteran, but as an active soldier to fight the enemy.

    In the mean time, I hope you find my other stories thus far entertaining or pleasing, or however they should have made you feel. I just hope they are not bad, but considering that I am not very good at writing, they probably are.

    That is all for now,

    Read y’all later!

    James Diary

  • Getting Back to Things 19 November 2017, 0055

    Hello all!

    I have finally gotten the time to write another short story. Although This Life of Ours cannot really be called a short story if I am breaking them up into different parts.

    So I have done some thinking and, while I enjoy writing short stories which I will continue to do, I plan to add a new section where I will write a longer series of things. Each posting will equate to that of a chapter in a book. I do not know how often I could post to that, at least not right now. Once my schedule at the start of the year gets going, I will have a better understanding of what I can and cannot do.

    For my first run, we will call it a trial run, I will be doing something of a history book at first, but of an alternate world. Sounds boring, right? Well, I will try to make it interesting, and give a good first opening chapter to it. I basically already know the entire story from start to finish, I just need to add in the details as I go. After that ends, I will pick up in a more dialog type book that follows the events that take place in the first. I do not know how it will go, but that is why this is a trial run, right?

    Anyways, I do hope that I get more time in two week to write another short story or two. I want to get “This Life of Ours” completed soon so I can get other stories out.

    That is all I have for today, look forward to writing another one in the future!


    Read y’all later!

    James Diary

  • Free Weekend + Other 06 November 2017, 0250

    Hello all, it feels like forever since I wrote a story. When I started this, I was hoping to get a short story out every other weekend. Then I unexpectedly got hit with a busy schedule and it threw me so far off course that it has taken me a while to get back.

    Well, I finally have a free weekend coming up on the 18th this month! I can finally get a story or two written. I’ve had so many different ideas come to mind, but unfortunately only a few have stuck with me. I plan to get part two done for This Life of Ours and will try and get a different story written.

    Luckily I will not have to go through a busy time again after December, so I should be on a good working schedule to balance everything, including time to write stories.

    For other news, I am going to get the site to a different look sometime in December. Every time I go to read one of my stories, it feels a bit cramped on a desktop or laptop. The stories are too narrow in my opinion and could use room to breath.

    Well, that is all I have for now. Hope to get back into things sooner rather than later.


    Read y’all later!

    James Diary

  • Still Battling it Out 17 September 2017, 0301

    Still trying to get my scheduled in line. Have not had much time during the weekdays to do much of anything, leaving the weekends kind of to myself. On the weekends that I do have to myself, I spend catching up on missed things. Once my everything gets settled, finally, I’ll get Part 2 out and other stories that I have thought up. Hope to be back soon.


    Read y’all later!

    James Diary

  • Busy as a Bee 26 August 2017, 2233

    Sorry I have not posted the next short story nor put up an announcement until now. I have not had a chance to write out Part 2 of This Life of Ours. I hope to get it done next weekend.

    I recently have started working longer hours at work so weekends are packed with other things. After a week or two of shuffling things around and letting the dust settle should allow me to get back to it all.

  • Small Bits at a Time 21 June 2017, 0225

    Hello, this will be the first official announcement I suppose.

    Just wanted to let anyone who reads this page know that I will have a new short story coming out this week. As I mention on the home page, I will try and add a new short story once every two weeks, or I will do more, but most likely it will only ever be one a week as most.

    As for the site design, I will probably change it to help accommodate the short stories better. I noticed that the first one was a bit narrow, not giving it room to breath on the sides, so that will need to change. That will probably come in three to four weeks, to give me time to mess around with settings and what not.

    That is all for now. I will probably only use announcements for anything big that will change, like site layout or unexpected delays or advancements.

    Read ya later,


Short stories to fill the time

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