Short Stories

  • This Life of Ours – Part 2 19 November 2017, 0040 - Sam and Eveline are taken by a mysterious group of armed men. Who are they, where are they going, and what do they want?
  • This Life of Ours – Part 1 06 August 2017, 0302 - Sam Galard is a brilliant young man with a bright future. All of his plans have come together nicely. However, as most plans often do, things seem to go awry when he sees his long lost childhood friend, Eveline Williams. What will be in store for Sam and Eveline?
  • The Wickedness of Love 23 July 2017, 0053 - A woman in love and willing to follow him to the capital only to discover that his love for her was a lie. What will she do?
  • The Cat Messenger 08 July 2017, 2326 - Messengers, those that take important documents from battlefield to battlefield. One stands above the rest, agile and fast like a cat. He is known only as the Cat Messenger.
  • A Will to Live 24 June 2017, 2058 - Max is a man who has been alone for as long as he can remember. No one cared enough to reach out and grab hold of him, pulling him from the darkness, until one day...
  • The Tale of Simon the Great 17 June 2017, 1711 - Simon the Great, a man feared across the land. But just how does this man really survive such harsh environments and hostile people? Well, it's good to know how to read the people around you and to be known as the most feared man, even if the most feared man isn't actually Simon, but someone that everyone confuses Simon with.

Short stories to fill the time